An Indian

That's my nationality.

Again, just like religion, this is something that you get by virtue of your birth. But, unlike religion, the percentage of people who change their nationality is much more, especially in developing countries. People move to other countries, usually developed ones, seeking better opportunities and with time settle there.

What reminds one of his/her nationality - well, sports matches, formula 1 races, chess/billiards/golf games, job/college forms, registration forms on the internet and most importantly the collective hatred of the people of one country towards another. Like in the case of India-Pakistan.

As I mentioned in the case of religion, at heart I have only 1 religion, I am a human. Similarly, my nationality too is limited to forms. At heart, I am just a human, I am a citizen of this world. While people are dreaming of breaking this country into smaller parts-into a greater number of states, or are fighting for pieces of land India-Pakistan, India-China, India-Bangladesh, just like so many other countries around the world are, I dream of USIS.

USIS stands for the United States of the Indian Sub-Continent, something on the lines of the European Union. And, this is to start with. One day we may have another USA - United States of Asia. Or well, a USE - United States of Earth. Or, if I am not going too far, UPA - United Planets Alive - comprising of all planets across all universes with life on them.

My last statement, I am sure, would bring a smile on the faces of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi - the leaders of UPA, United Progressive Alliance. Let me make it clear I'm not supporting them, the acronym came up just incidentally.

A dreamer I have been, a dreamer I am, and a dreamer I shall remain. Dreaming of the day when hatred, at-least on this planet, shall come to an end. Hatred towards living beings belonging to other teams, castes, creeds, genders(taking in count the 3rd gender), states, cities, countries, continents, species, whatever...