Everything for Bloggers

If you are a blogger this is one site you must visit. It began as I started collecting links to some sites very useful for bloggers. Lately I've been using it to upload the Blogger Templates designed by me.

And, with immense pleasure, I'd like to share that some of my templates have already been featured on other template/theme related sites :)


Visual Cerebration

This is my online Art, Design and Photography gallery. You'll also find the templates and wallpapers designed by me here.


The following site was created for theosophical/religious art(based on Sikhism). Though, there's not a lot of work there right now, just a few simple and elegant wallpapers, it would be updated soon, hopefully :)


Chain Mails for You

A collection of some of those wonderful forwarded mails that we receive in our mailboxes. This blog helped me to stop spamming my friend's mailboxes :-)


Un'kwow'ted Quotes

This blog contains some wonderful one-liners/quotes picked up from the Facebook/GTalk status messages of common people:


Link - O - Phobia

This blog is a collection of some links I'd recommend people to visit. Some software recommendations are also there.

Why the name Link-O-Phobia?
Well, the prevalance of spam in the links these days has generated a fear which prevents people from clicking on links - Link - O - Phobia. And that is one thing that people should not be worried about when clicking on the links on this site :)

Here's the link: http://linkophobia.blogspot.com

NetLife Update

In the past couple of months I've become a member of the following sites. Still exploring so am not sure how active I'd be on which site. Though, if you are on any of the sites feel free to add me on. Here's the list:

- Digg
- StumbleUpon (This is an excellent site for those who would like to do interest-based random exploration of the net.)
- TechnoRati

PS: This list is also available in the QuickAccess section on the homepage :)

Farzi Movie Buff

Here I just write 'super-short' reviews of all movies that I see. Briefly mention the story followed by a line or two of commentary. I follow a 'Traffic Light Rating System'(designed by me ;).

This is an easy way for me to keep movie-watching in control. Formed primarily for friends who ask my opinion about the movies that I've seen. This blog was once upon a time my most visited blog.


Eclectic Readings

Since June 2008 I've been writing reviews of the books that I read. This is where you will find them: http://eclecticreadings.blogspot.com/