Things Google can't find...

There's almost nothing that Google can't find. If there's data uploaded anywhere on the WWW google can find it. But then, unfortunately, we don't have a Google for the physical world.... yet! (I added the yet just to be safe. After all we don't know what the next big revolution after the IT revolution is going to be.)

Anyway, if its not on the net Google can't find it. Period. And if you have an old friend who has techphobia God Bless You! Without Google (and FaceBook and Orkut) I wouldn't be in touch with almost anyone of my old friends. Specially the schoolmates. If they wouldn't have been online I would have absolutely no idea about where and how they are and how they are doing in their lives. 

And the beauty of all this is that I can do it passively. I don't need to message them, mail them or call them unless I'm inclined to. And the inclination usually comes when I become aware of some special occassion/event in the life of the person. This special may be in the good way(marriage etc) or bad way(some personal tragedy etc).

Coming to the problem... now, somehow a lot of my very close friends from the not so recent past are not so tech-savvy. Even though I can safely call myself a veteran of the online world I have been unable to find them on the net. While I've been able to find most of these guys using the online network there is one person that I'm failing to reach.

One of my at-that-time closest friends A. There isn't a trace of her on the internet. Nor am I able to find anyone who is in touch with her. I visited her place to find out that she, along with her family, has moved and no-one in the neighbourhood has any idea where. Her phone numbers in any case change every few months as she is pretty careless with her phones. Now if everything is fine with her it isn't so much of a problem.. the problem is that I don't know whether everything is indeed fine. And having already lost a sweet 22 yr old friend to death I am bound to be worried about her.

Why are there things that Google can't find!