The "All About" Series

In my last post I had mentioned about the many many ideas that I have which have as yet remained in my mind. One such idea that I intend to transform into reality very soon is the "All About" series of online books.

These books are intended to be comprehensive tomes on the subjects that they cover. But the core idea is not the comprehensive coverage instead they are readability and understandability of the books. The intention is to present data in a format which is easy to grasp. And as far as possible load the content with analytical and practical examples.

And the books would be written not by an author but by the readers. This would automatically have us focussing on the aspects which would be useful for the average reader and not for the erudite scholar. So be prepared with your inputs... because we are going to begin writing these books very soon*.

*My laptop has been fatally(I still hope this isn't the case) injured while undergoing repairs. The soon would, therefore, depend on when it comes back to me. Today, was scheduled to be the soon...but it wasn't meant to be!

Ideas Unlimited

It's been a long while since I last posted... yet again.

There are various reasons for it. And I'm in no mood to discuss any of them. Instead here I'm going to put forth a new idea that I had.

For a person like me who thinks from the heart and has a fairly fecund mind too, one problem that recurs often is to start a thing and not pursue it to completion. And I have, till date, not been able to find a way to circumvent it.

Now, I've more or less given up on making any further efforts in the direction. Instead what I've decided is that from now on everytime I get an Idea I'll try and put it on this site. That's the Idea I wrote about earlier! 

A sort of WIP section. If any of you have suggestions or feedback related to the idea you can send them across to me. And ofcourse if you get your own idea 'inspired' from my idea you are free to work on it. Though I'd love to get some credit for it ofcourse :)

So, people do watch for the new 'Ideas Unlimited' section on this site.

Obama not going to Harmandir Sahib is only good for the average devotee

There is a famous story about Akbar sitting with the common man and eating the Guru's langar... the present day management of the GT makes a mockery of the basic tenets of Sikhism with the special treatment they give to people who are 'much... less greater'... Obama cancelling the trip is only good for an average person visiting the Gurudwara...

to add to the irony.. no one visits Har Mandir Sahib (everyone's temple) these days.. everyone visits Golden Temple!

Commonwealth Shame


While everybody is busy condemning the Govt. on its inability to prevent the terrorist attacks that happened today, I was just wondering - isn't it possible that these attacks were infact orchestrated by the Govt. so that it can blame the lack of tourist inflow on the terrorists and divert the attention from the pathetically bad advertising, theme song and most of all the state of preparedness for the games!
...and, then, sometimes I wonder why I am still in the middle of this? Why don't I leave this mess?

Why don't I set out on the journey where the path is love and the destination happiness?

Tea Time

Sometimes I wonder why can't people do something as simple as putting their work aside for 10 minutes and going to the park and enjoying the weather(especially when it is as good as is these days) and watching the people around them running helter-skelter in a hurry just like they were some time back. The funny thing is even if they do... they wouldn't realize the insignificance of the running around in the big picture!

Feedback Time

It's been a fairly long time since I last posted on this blog. But now things are going to change. As a part of the consolidation process that I've been following for some time now, some of my other blogs are going to be merged with this blog and, therefore, the activity on this blog is going to increase manifold .

To prepare the blog for this shift I've redesigned the template of the blog from scratch. If you've visited the blog recently you must have noticed the  cahnge and the "Under Renovation" flag. Feedback about the new template is invited from you. Any other suggestions or comments are also welcome.

1,00,000 Hits

Celebrity Blog Index has become my first blog to cross 1,00,000 hits. Thankyou everyone for the support!