Mumbai Diaries 2.0 - Post 1

Never thought a city could be more alien the second time than the first time. But experienced it. Realised that a person's comfort level at a place has more to do with the people around than anything else. Realised that the outcome of decisions, howsoever logical and well thought they may be, is ultimately dependant on what is called Luck.

More than 4 years back I set my foot for the first time on the group of islands called Mumbai ( Somehow, there was no discomfort at all. Just a little more than 4 months back I set my foot for the second innings on the same group of islands. Somehow, there was no comfort at all.

Back then I had a diary - a private blog to which no one had access. It was full of all that I saw around me, good and bad, ugly and beautiful, poltically correct and incorrect. Now there is no inclination to write in the same format or with the same frequency. But there is a much stronger inclination to express than last time as now I am in a place that's alien to me and what I see is new to me. So here I begin with Mumbai Diaries 2.0.