Verbal Prison

This blog started as Guftagu - taking inspiration from the conversations about love that I had with the people around me. But as it got more and more about love and less and less about Guftagu I decided to rename it to isbaat-e-mahabbat(Proof of Love).

Recently I realised that I've been using this blog to imprison my thoughts in the jail of words. And so the new avatar: Verbal Prison. I do not see any changes to it after this, but, then neither did I see any changes earlier.

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Originally posted on 15-02-09, somewhere else:

"Just started a new blog. About half an hour back. The idea came to me about 2 days back. The intention is just to keep track of the various celebrities who are blogging away."

You can make that blogging/tweeting/socialising :)


Well, am through with the designing of the site. Its time to test and finally post!

I believe there are some issues with the display on IE... the black division is showing below the white division... on FireFox and Chrome its working perfectly :)

Feedback is welcome. Also, lemme know if you feel there is an error(especially like the one I've mentioned above) anywhere.