Learnings about relationships, career, and life in general - Notes for a dear friend

While this letter and the related letters are for S, a friend I care a lot about, most of the guiding principles and other learnings are universally applicable, so I've made these public. Hoping others in a similar situation can benefit, and also add to these based on their own experiences - so please do share your reactions in the comments.

* * *

Dear S,


You recently took the decision of quitting your regular career and starting your own venture. It is a major decision -  a leap of faith - faith in the people around you, faith in God, and most importantly faith in yourself. Whatever happens, remember - if you keep your mind open and be observant of what is happening, that is, in one word - be mindful, you will at least come out of this a much wiser and more experienced person.

* * *

The situation we are in is complicated due to many reasons, but life and time will not wait for us to resolve those problems - they will go on. There will soon be a time we will be looking back at ourselves from our retirement homes. When that time comes I want to look back at the past and see that you achieved the greatest of your potential by making a well-thought and wholehearted effort. And, while you did that, I was there with you, in mind, body and spirit.

* * *

To reach where I am today I have been through a long journey. One that is probably as complicated and tough as yours has been so far. Considering this, one of the best ways in which I can help you is by sharing my own learnings with you so that you can learn from, and get guidance from them. Just like Arjun got knowledge and guidance from Krishna during Mahabharata - and, Krishna helped him win without even touching any weapon. I hope you win, and I hope I can help you do it. I have already been sharing what I know with you, and will continue to do so as long as I see that you value it.

While I say this, do remember - the title of my site is 'Estudiante De La Vida' which means 'Student Of Life'. I continue to learn, from life, all the time. And, you must too. My guidance will only make this process smoother and faster, and steer you in the right direction - but you have to make the effort to move forward!

I have already shared some of the learnings with you in our last discussion. What I shared was not in a particular structure - what I will share in the future will not be adhering to any structure either. It is because of the simple reason that the insights emerge as per relevance to the situation, to today. But, when I write them here I will try to put them in a structure, because ultimately that is how you will understand and remember them best.

But, while I believe this would be useful for you, it is not a replacement of in-person meetings and calls. It is only a structured set of deeper thoughts resulting from the things we discuss when we meet or talk. The more we meet, and talk, the more this will grow.

Finally, coming to what this is about - here are some of my learnings (click on the links to read the details).

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Note: Right now, it is yet to be done, but I will keep updating this section as I keep posting.

Hope this is useful for you! All the best!

With Love,
m :)