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This is one of the older blogs consisting random ramblings by yours truly. Redesigned, refurbished and renovated, this site is finally ready to be made public.


PS: This is an informal site meant for interaction/discussion with both friends and strangers so feel free to express yourself.

All About Business

Well, the name says it all. This blog is all about business.


PS: This blog contains a lone post now, and that too an incomplete article. And I have no plans to start posting anytime soon, but then, with me, you never know ;-)


New Templates Launched:
The Dark Knight - Professional 4-Column Blogger Template

- Everything for Bloggers 1000 Visitors
- Visual Cerebration 3000 Visitors

New Blogs Launched:
All About Business

Celebrity Blog Index :: 25,000 Views

Today, Celebrity Blog Index crossed the landmark figure of 25,000 page views. The credit goes entirely to the readers who have been actively giving feedback and, thus, helping in the improvement of the site.

As our gift to them we have made CBI Google FriendConnect compliant. So now, they can:

  • join CBI as a site
  • make site-wide comments
  • recommend their favorite pages to other viewers
  • rate the content on the site
  • connect with other members of the site,
  • and, best, of all share it with their friends and invite them over to this great Celebrity Blog Directory.


Ciao :)

Blog Award for M S Ahluwalia

Meghana Pathak, of Expressions of My Experiences, generously gave me the Humane Award. What a sweetie she is!


The Humane Award is presented to bloggers the giver feels are kindhearted individuals. They regularly take part in that person's blog and always leave the sweetest comments.

Now that I've received the award, I would like to pass it on to those blog writers/readers who fit the above criterion. I thank them and look forward to our growing friendships through the blog world (and otherwise :). So here they are:

Bikram Snehi - Mulling Over My Thoughts

Cute 'n Confused - Quick Sand

Jess Sikand - What I think about - between Coffee and Tennis

Kshitij - Dusht Ka Drishtikone

Sneha Shrivastava - Sneha's Diary!!!

Tarvinder Singh - NMIMS Indexed

All the above blogs are rated as Green by me (as per the Stop Light Rating System) :)

Everything for Bloggers

If you are a blogger this is one site you must visit. It began as I started collecting links to some sites very useful for bloggers. Lately I've been using it to upload the Blogger Templates designed by me.

And, with immense pleasure, I'd like to share that some of my templates have already been featured on other template/theme related sites :)


Visual Cerebration

This is my online Art, Design and Photography gallery. You'll also find the templates and wallpapers designed by me here.


The following site was created for theosophical/religious art(based on Sikhism). Though, there's not a lot of work there right now, just a few simple and elegant wallpapers, it would be updated soon, hopefully :)


Chain Mails for You

A collection of some of those wonderful forwarded mails that we receive in our mailboxes. This blog helped me to stop spamming my friend's mailboxes :-)


Un'kwow'ted Quotes

This blog contains some wonderful one-liners/quotes picked up from the Facebook/GTalk status messages of common people:


Link - O - Phobia

This blog is a collection of some links I'd recommend people to visit. Some software recommendations are also there.

Why the name Link-O-Phobia?
Well, the prevalance of spam in the links these days has generated a fear which prevents people from clicking on links - Link - O - Phobia. And that is one thing that people should not be worried about when clicking on the links on this site :)

Here's the link: http://linkophobia.blogspot.com

NetLife Update

In the past couple of months I've become a member of the following sites. Still exploring so am not sure how active I'd be on which site. Though, if you are on any of the sites feel free to add me on. Here's the list:

- Digg
- StumbleUpon (This is an excellent site for those who would like to do interest-based random exploration of the net.)
- TechnoRati

PS: This list is also available in the QuickAccess section on the homepage :)

Farzi Movie Buff

Here I just write 'super-short' reviews of all movies that I see. Briefly mention the story followed by a line or two of commentary. I follow a 'Traffic Light Rating System'(designed by me ;).

This is an easy way for me to keep movie-watching in control. Formed primarily for friends who ask my opinion about the movies that I've seen. This blog was once upon a time my most visited blog.


Eclectic Readings

Since June 2008 I've been writing reviews of the books that I read. This is where you will find them: http://eclecticreadings.blogspot.com/

Verbal Prison

This blog started as Guftagu - taking inspiration from the conversations about love that I had with the people around me. But as it got more and more about love and less and less about Guftagu I decided to rename it to isbaat-e-mahabbat(Proof of Love).

Recently I realised that I've been using this blog to imprison my thoughts in the jail of words. And so the new avatar: Verbal Prison. I do not see any changes to it after this, but, then neither did I see any changes earlier.

Here's the link for you:  http://verbalprisonbymsa.blogspot.com/

Deviant Art

Here's my profile link on DA: http://msahluwalia.deviantart.com/


Link to my Orkut ID:



Here's the link to my Twitter account:



Here is the link to my FaceBook profile:



Well, finally, I've joined MySpace... those of you who are there can add me, here's the ID: http://www.myspace.com/msahluwalia

Celebrity Blog Index

Originally posted on 15-02-09, somewhere else:

"Just started a new blog. About half an hour back. The idea came to me about 2 days back. The intention is just to keep track of the various celebrities who are blogging away."

You can make that blogging/tweeting/socialising :)



Well, am through with the designing of the site. Its time to test and finally post!

I believe there are some issues with the display on IE... the black division is showing below the white division... on FireFox and Chrome its working perfectly :)

Feedback is welcome. Also, lemme know if you feel there is an error(especially like the one I've mentioned above) anywhere.


Under Construction

This blog site is under construction. Add yourself as a follower so that you can receive updates as and when the site goes live!

An Indian

That's my nationality.

Again, just like religion, this is something that you get by virtue of your birth. But, unlike religion, the percentage of people who change their nationality is much more, especially in developing countries. People move to other countries, usually developed ones, seeking better opportunities and with time settle there.

What reminds one of his/her nationality - well, sports matches, formula 1 races, chess/billiards/golf games, job/college forms, registration forms on the internet and most importantly the collective hatred of the people of one country towards another. Like in the case of India-Pakistan.

As I mentioned in the case of religion, at heart I have only 1 religion, I am a human. Similarly, my nationality too is limited to forms. At heart, I am just a human, I am a citizen of this world. While people are dreaming of breaking this country into smaller parts-into a greater number of states, or are fighting for pieces of land India-Pakistan, India-China, India-Bangladesh, just like so many other countries around the world are, I dream of USIS.

USIS stands for the United States of the Indian Sub-Continent, something on the lines of the European Union. And, this is to start with. One day we may have another USA - United States of Asia. Or well, a USE - United States of Earth. Or, if I am not going too far, UPA - United Planets Alive - comprising of all planets across all universes with life on them.

My last statement, I am sure, would bring a smile on the faces of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi - the leaders of UPA, United Progressive Alliance. Let me make it clear I'm not supporting them, the acronym came up just incidentally.

A dreamer I have been, a dreamer I am, and a dreamer I shall remain. Dreaming of the day when hatred, at-least on this planet, shall come to an end. Hatred towards living beings belonging to other teams, castes, creeds, genders(taking in count the 3rd gender), states, cities, countries, continents, species, whatever...