There are some people who are so very immune to the world's negatives. In spite of a bad, deadly situation they can manage to have a smile on their face and carry on as if everything is normal. The ability to be level headed in a situation where a normal human being literally goes berserk. And it isn't because these people are blessed with a special ability but because they lack a ability. The ability to be scared. But as if it was nature's attempt to keep these people under control, so that they do not end up ruling over it, most of these people have a tendency to implode.

The implosions often have a serious impact not only on the person himself/herself but also on the people around. And survival in case of such implosions is a rarity. It often ends up in a cold-blooded murder of the self. Where such fundamental requirements for the normal existence of a human being as self-confidence are destroyed to nether. Often leading to suicides. If not suicides than to instances of sadistic crime. Attempts to regain the lost treasure. And when no results are obtained - to incidences of Alcoholism or drug addiction. The person is making an attempt to kill the identity and enter a trance. To live in a world of dreams and not reality.