Lesson 1: When caring can cause pain

Sometimes you care for someone a lot. Maybe there was a time when the other person loved you for it. But then times change. So do people, and, relationships.

You may come to a stage when your relationship is not the same anymore, caused by the other person's disinterest. But you still love the person, and care for him/her.

But you are intelligent enough to understand that the manifestation of this caring in your behavior may bother/hurt the other person, so while in your heart you feel, you would not act as if you care.

This in certain cases would lead to a false presumption that you don't care, but then that was your intention in the first place, right? The good thing is that it proves you are a good actor.

Now this means that the other person may be in some problem, and you care, and you can't help because the other person does not want your help, and you can't even show that you care. Now, this, is when caring can cause pain. And, lots of it!

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