The "All About" Series

In my last post I had mentioned about the many many ideas that I have which have as yet remained in my mind. One such idea that I intend to transform into reality very soon is the "All About" series of online books.

These books are intended to be comprehensive tomes on the subjects that they cover. But the core idea is not the comprehensive coverage instead they are readability and understandability of the books. The intention is to present data in a format which is easy to grasp. And as far as possible load the content with analytical and practical examples.

And the books would be written not by an author but by the readers. This would automatically have us focussing on the aspects which would be useful for the average reader and not for the erudite scholar. So be prepared with your inputs... because we are going to begin writing these books very soon*.

*My laptop has been fatally(I still hope this isn't the case) injured while undergoing repairs. The soon would, therefore, depend on when it comes back to me. Today, was scheduled to be the soon...but it wasn't meant to be!

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