Ideas Unlimited

It's been a long while since I last posted... yet again.

There are various reasons for it. And I'm in no mood to discuss any of them. Instead here I'm going to put forth a new idea that I had.

For a person like me who thinks from the heart and has a fairly fecund mind too, one problem that recurs often is to start a thing and not pursue it to completion. And I have, till date, not been able to find a way to circumvent it.

Now, I've more or less given up on making any further efforts in the direction. Instead what I've decided is that from now on everytime I get an Idea I'll try and put it on this site. That's the Idea I wrote about earlier! 

A sort of WIP section. If any of you have suggestions or feedback related to the idea you can send them across to me. And ofcourse if you get your own idea 'inspired' from my idea you are free to work on it. Though I'd love to get some credit for it ofcourse :)

So, people do watch for the new 'Ideas Unlimited' section on this site.

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